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Good Things to Know

59 Dorchester Street

Some information about the quirks & quarks of our home!


  • This home is equipped with an air exchanger which runs year round for fresh and clean interior air.

  • There is a heat pump on the main level which provides heating and cooling. You control the heat pump via the remote adjacent to it. For cooling ensure the mode is set to “cool”. For heat, ensure the mode is set to “heat.” Please use this as your primary source of heat in the cooler months.

  • Heat rads - There are heating units on most of the walls which are controlled from the units themselves. Set them to “On” and then select the level (highest being the warmest).

  • Electric fireplace - Located in the dining room. This can be turned on via the switch on the fireplace itself. Please ensure the fireplace is turned off when not in the home.

  • AC - In the warm months we will have an AC in the window in the attic and a window fan in the master bedroom. To help keep the home cool on really warm days, keep the blinds and windows closed during hot sunny days and set the window fan to move the interior air out during the day and then in the evening set it to bring the outdoor air in.

  • Windows - If you would like to open the windows on warmer days, there are moveable screens set beside each window to keep the bugs out.

TV & Appliances

  • There are two televisions in the house - In the living room and in the second level Queen Bedroom  - Each television offers standard cable and access to streaming apps. Please use your own streaming subscriptions to watch.

  • The dishwasher takes a long time to run its cycle. Approximately 2.5 hours.


  • We provide DELICIOUS coffee from a local retailer - Receiver Coffee Company, please help yourself.

  • The dishwasher tends to take a long time. Approximately 2 hours a cycle.

  • We keep a few staple food items stocked in the kitchen.  Please help yourself!

  • Help yourself to the laundry soap and cleaning supplies in the laundry room. Coloured towels are kept in the laundry area as well which can be used to clean up any messes.

  • Cleaning supplies - Located under the kitchen sink and in the large cupboard beside the microwave.

  • Saran Wrap, aluminum foil - Located in the little cupboard beside the microwave.

  • Beach gear (Turkish towel beach blanket & towels, cooler and sand toys) is kept in the lower drawers of the entry hallway armoire.