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Packing a Bag

Check-Out Information

59 Dorchester Street

Check-out Notes

  • Check out time is 11am.   


  • Used towels can be put in the washer or put in the bathtub/shower.

  • We will take care of bedding and emptying the garbage. 

  • Please ensure your waste has been sorted according to the PEI Waste Watch guidelines posted.

  • Please lock the doors behind you, close the windows and turn off any lights.  Heat can be left at 15 Degrees (in the winter). A/C can be left on on summer days.

  • If you are planning to head out earlier than 11 am please send Leslie a quick message to let her know.   

  • Your feedback is very important to us!  Was there something that could have been better?  Was there something you think we should change or add?  Please send Leslie a text 902-213-0439 or an e-mail  Thank you in advance, any feedback is greatly appreciated!.


Check out time is 11am sharp. Please send Leslie a message when you have left!


Please ensure the kitchen is clean with all dishes clean or in the dishwasher (started). 


If you have moved anything around during your stay, please return it back to where it was found.


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What Our Clients Say

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